Code of conduct



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In order to provide a fair and welcoming environment for both players and hosts to participate, we have a number of standards which we expect both Players and Hosts to adhere to.

If any Player or Host is found to be in violation of this Code of Conduct, we may be forced to take action including and not limited to suspensions or removal from participation in ‘n00bz ltd’.


We expect Players and Hosts to adhere to the following:


Treat others with respect and courtesy, regardless of any situation, race, religion or other personal circumstances of which an opinion can be formed. We operate a Zero Tolerance policy on Racism and Sexual harassment. Any person found to be guilty of this, will be expelled from participation and the relevant authorities informed.

Participate in a fair and just manner when ‘competing’ in events.

Re-enaction of elements of Games which are considered to be of an illegal nature are strictly prohibited. No exceptions.

Arrive on time to Events—any lateness must be notified to the Hosting organisation at least one hour before an Event is due to take place. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture and subsequent loss of the event for the Player or Team, whichever is applicable.

Teams may not substitute players under any circumstances.

Players are required to wear their Identification Badge whenever they are attending Events in order to validate their position in their Team and eligibility to compete in Events. Lost ID will incur a Replacement Fee.

Hosts are expected to have the Playspace setup accordingly and ready for Events to take place.

Hosts are responsible for ensuring the prompt and correct Upload of Event results within 24 hours of an Events conclusion.

Hosts must ensure that Players are not subjected to malicious attempts at modifying an Events’ result, be it from off-putting, or unwanted disturbances, or communicating to persons not directly involved in a Match, or players of the opposition in an unjust manner as per Point 1 of the code.

Any forms of Cheating, Boosting, Glitching, Hacking or otherwise modifying the game to a Player’s advantage will result in forfeiture of all of the representing Host’s Teams results and constitute gross misconduct and disqualification from ‘n00bz ltd’.

Players are required to wear their ‘Team Strip’ to all matches .

Players and hosts must not misrepresent ‘n00bz ltd’ in anyway whatsoever be it outside of the Event settings, or in ‘Online Environments’ not limited to Social networks, or Discussion Forums.

For any point not raised within this Code of Conduct, a Common Sense approach will be used in making decisions.


‘n00bz ltd’ reserve the right to modify this Code of Conduct and will reissue it via email in a timely manner when changes take place.

‘n00bz ltd’ reserve the final decision regarding any of these expectations, and will enforce these rules as necessary to protect our members, and organisation.