People often ask us the same questions; so we have compiled a list of "FAQs" that we hope will answer many of them preemptively.




Where are you? I need directions!

Our address is Unit 9, The Centre, Margate, Kent, CT9 1JG, but we are aware that it is a little difficult to find us. There is a map on the Contact Us page. Walking towards Margate High Street from Cecil Square, you can turn at the corner of Lloyds bank, where we are several shops inwards, opposite the pound store and just before Peacocks.


Local bus services include The Loop, The Breeze (8, 8X and 8A), 32, 33, 34, 35 and 56. Margate Train Station is a ten minute walk away.


If you need further directions, please do not hesitate to call us on 01843 221 300.


What are your opening times?

We are open almost every day of the year (excluding Christmas and Boxing Day) from midday 12m until 10pm Monday through until Friday, 10am until11pm Saturday, and 10am until 10pm on Sundays. On occasion opening times are subject to change due to events, private functions or other reasons, for which there will be advanced notice via social media.


What games systems do you have?

Our gaming lounge is equipped with ten Gaming PCs, designed to run the most demanding of computer games, as well as a total of eleven Playstation 4 systems and eight Playstation Virtual Reality headsets.


There is also a dedicated, more powerful Gaming PC downstairs that hosts our Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch virtual reality technology.


All systems are connected to nineteen inch (19”) fully high definition televisions, and there is one thirty-two inch (32”) in the downstairs party/event/VR space.


If you want to know the technical specifications, the Gaming PCs are Gaming Republic PCs equipped with GTX NVidia 990 Skylake i5 Processors and we have an internet connection speed averaging 74mbps download and 18.8mbps upload and a respectable 7 ping, enabling for high speed online multiplayer gaming.


How much does it cost to play?

Non-members are able to play on a pay-per-play basis, available in half-day, day and week-long time purchases. A half-day is £5, a full day £10 and a week is £25 (which is an incredible saving of £45!). More details can be found on our Services page. Members play for free during standard opening hours, but extra fees may apply for special events.


What if I get hungry or thirsty?

We have a small range of “tuck” food and drinks behind our counter including sweets, fizzy drinks, crisps, chocolates, energy drinks, and hot teas and coffees.


Can I privately hire Noobz?

Yes! The dedicated lower event space, or the entire shop! There are plenty of details on our Hire/Parties page.


What games do you have to play?

You can bring/install any of your owned games on our systems if you do not have a gaming PC or console at home, and we have a range of games for varying ages and genre tastes pre-installed or able to be installed if requested, inclusive of

  • PS4 games: Final Fantasy XV, Battlefront 1, Black Ops 3, Minecraft, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Star Wars Battlefront, Dark Souls 3, Guitar Hero Live, No Man’s Sky, Fifa 17
  • PC games: Minecraft, Overwatch, World Of Warcraft, Heartstone, Heroes Of The Storm, Counter Strike Global Offence (CS:GO), Dead By Daylight, Resident Evil series, Black Ops 3, DayZ
  • A virtual reality games list is available on the VR page.


What is Membership, what does it include, and how much does it cost?

Being a Member of Noobz means several things. Firstly, you get unlimited access to the games systems. Secondly, you become an integral part of our community. Thirdly, you can earn “Battlepoints”.


Membership starts at £40 per month, which is equivalent to only four days of one-day plays!


As part of our community, you can choose to join one of our teams: Pandamonium, or Chrome. You can also earn Battlepoints which can be traded-in for cool stuff!

Other benefits include the option to live-stream.


Full details on the Services page.


Can I book/reserve a machine?

Yes, you can! We are aware that – as the only gaming lounge in the area – we will often have all of our hardware in use, so it was important to us that we made advanced booking an option. However, this is exclusively available only for Members and the following terms and conditions do apply:

  • Reservations must be made at least twenty-four hours in advance and can be reserved for no longer than a three hour period.
  • If you are more than fifteen minutes late for your allotted time slot, your reservation will be cancelled and the machine freed for use by other Members and pay-per-play customers.
  • If you are away from your reserved machine for a time period of longer than thirty minutes during your reservation period, the machine will be freed, if there is a demand for it.
  • Failure to attend a reservation three times will result in the removal of the right to reserve a machine for a one month period.


Pandamonium? Chrome? eSports? Battlepoints? What is all this about?

Each of these teams regularly compete in tournaments for Battlepoints and general all-round gaming supremacy. The teams also compete against other gaming lounge teams from around the country, and the ultimate aim is to be part of the elite and reach “esports” level competitions for big cash prizes and gaming glory!


Pandamonium Team Leader is Joshua Todd, who’s motto is “Face the bear, get the claws!”, and Chrome Team Leader is Ryan Harrison (motto TBC).


Battlepoints are points that are awarded to your membership account that can – once you have accumulated enough – be traded-in for rewards, including “tuck” (food and drink), or even gaming hardware! These can be earned by winning team games, or one-on-one matches with other members. Think of Battlepoints as Noobz’ character (member) XP tradable-in for something cool; and there is even a Leaderboard!


What is virtual reality gaming?

Virtual reality technology is a new form of immersion, superior to 3D. The games that you play in “VR” you are not just playing, you are experiencing, as though you were really there. The graphics surround you completely, and some technologies (which we have here!) even allow you to use your body and hands to interact with your surroundings in the game world, essentially negating the need for a controller, because you are the controller.


This incredible new technology is science fiction turned to science fact and it can be experienced in our dedicated “VR Room” downstairs. Details can be found here.