Virtual Reality

The future of gaming has arrived. Science fiction is now science fact. Be part of the revolution; be there when it happens!


Downstairs’ dedicated Virtual Reality Room is atmospheric and comfortable, has eight next-gen Playstation 4 games consoles accompanied by the official PSVR headsets, our most powerful gaming PC with Oculus Rift, all on 19" fully HD televisions, and there is a range of games to suit a variety of tastes, ages and skill level.

Playstation VR is equipped with Playstation Move peripherals and the Oculus Rift has Oculus Touch for extra immersion!


Games available include

  • Playstation 4 VR: Battle Zone, RIGS Mechanised Combat, Hustle Kings VR, Drive Club VR, Playstation Worlds, Until Dawn Rush Of Blood, and the Assassin's Creed inspired Eagle Flight
  • PC VR Oculus Rift: Adventure Time, Dreadhalls, VR Ninja, Into The Dead, Elite Dangerous, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter
  • PC VR Oculus Touch: Minecraft, The Climb, Bullet Train, Dead and Buried, Toy Box, Ripcoil, Unspoken


The VR is available at the following prices:

  • Playstation VR £5 for five hours
  • Oculus Rift on PC £3.50 for a fifteen minute "taster session", £5 for half-an-hour or £10 for an hour
  • Members can add a £20 charge to their accounts for unlimited use of both!


The Virtual Reality Room is also available for exclusive hire Birthday Parties! See our Parties section for details of how to host an amazing, unforgettable Birthday experience!


Watch one of our videos below to see our Keith playing Unspoken on the PC via Oculus Touch!